About us

Our interest in illuminated signs was fueled by our grandfather in 2010 who was one of the founders of the company manufacturing neon signs in Estonia in late 1970s and 1980s when the options were rather limited.

It took us some time to gain experience, obtain additional training, and find our own direction until Sonne Design OÜ was founded in 2013.

Today, Sonne Design OÜ has grown into a significant manufacturer of illuminated signs. Production conditions have developed and expanded many fold compared to the early years. Our production area is nearly 1000 square meters; we invest annually into new equipment and develop manufacturing processes to ensure the comprehensive competitiveness and long life of our products. Our customer base is constantly growing. We have achieved a strong position in foreign markets, which is also shown by the constant growth of export volumes: in recent years, about 17%.

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Our services

Project management

Our project management team will take care of and be responsible, if necessary, for your entire project: applying for permits and obtaining confirmations, on-site surveying and mapping work, comprehensive assistance in choosing the materials that best suit you and your needs, production planning, process monitoring, providing feedback and coordinating deliveries and installation as necessary.

Production of illuminated signs

Regardless of whether it's an indoor or outdoor solution, an illuminated sign is the best way to highlight your business and make it stand out. We value every order and always prepare a production specification, which is the basic document of the entire production process. All product specifications are archived to ensure worry-free product aftercare. We make both large lightboxes and small channel letters - we treat all work equally.

Digital printing

We have the knowledge and equipment for the high-quality production of large visual advertising spaces. We produce various signboards, guides, and building direction signs. To ensure the best solution, we use products from more than ten different suppliers, which gives you the opportunity to choose from more than 100 different materials.

Logistics solutions

Delivery of the finished product from the manufacturer to the customer is always necessary, regardless of whether the destination is the installation site, the customer's office, logistics distribution center, or warehouse. Our products comply with regulations, and our project managers are always ready to help and, if necessary, prepare export documentation to save you time.

Installation and maintenance

Our installation teams perform work both in the Baltic States and across Scandinavia. If necessary, we also perform maintenance and renewal work on illuminated signs. Our project management team will help with the design work and permits required to perform the work.

Sonne Design OÜ

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